Why do people go to therapy?

People go to therapy for many reasons, and the main reason is to change their life. Counseling helps people to share feelings in a safe place. You may want to have a confidential place to explore problems you are struggling with or to learn coping skills for managing issues in your life. People go to therapy because they are depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, angry or experiencing an issue that negatively impacts their mental health. They may be having problems in relationships, marriage, or at work. Some may seek therapy because of a specific problem or goal, and others just know that something is wrong or they do not feel like they once did. A trained, professional mental health provider will help you to understand your issues, and help you to set goals to make positive changes in your life.

How can therapy help me?

Psychotherapy offers many benefits, including helping you to:
•  Feel better
•  Develop skills for improving your relationships
•  Learn effective problem-solving skills
•  Strengthen your communication skills
•  Change unhealthy behavior
•  Manage depression, grief and loss
•  Learn new ways of coping with stress, anxiety or other challenges
•  Manage anger and aggressive responses
•  Learn to resolve conflict in a healthy way
•  Deal with your response to trauma
•  Resolve childhood issues
•  Set boundaries with others
•  Live a more authentic and fulfilling life
•  Attain a better understanding of yourself, your life goals and values
•  Discover new ways of resolving relationship issues
•  Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
•  Set realistic goals to change your life

How often will I attend therapy?

You and your therapist will decide how often you should schedule therapy sessions. Some people go to therapy once a week, every two weeks, once a month or as needed. It's important to note that changes can be expected when you consistently attend your sessions.

Will I be prescribed medication?

If medication might help you to feel better and reduce your symptoms, medication will be considered a treatment option that is discussed with you. If you desire medication, you will be referred to a medical doctor.

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